Parents dispute story of referee who says hockey game became unsafe

We just get hung out to dry,” he says. He says insults continued even with the RCMP escort.The 22-year-old referee confirmed Chudyk’s description of fans screaming at the crew over the glass, adding he’d never seen a game that bad.Schwebius was suspended alongside Chudyk for not following procedure. The Saskatchewan Hockey Association said they should have asked all fans to leave and issued delay of game penalties if they didn’t comply.“It sucks that nobody ever has the refs’ backs. 26 game between the visiting Hurricanes and the home team in Hague, Sask. “I always trust the process.”(CKOM) Parents of players and a spokesman for the Prince Albert Bantam Hurricanes are disputing the story of a referee who says he cancelled a minor league hockey game over safety concerns about the behaviour of fans.Kyle Chudyk, 29, says he’s upset the Saskatchewan Hockey Association suspended him for shutting down the Jan. Chudyk says the Hurricanes fans and coach were verbally abusive throughout the game, and he and his officiating partner felt it was no longer safe after fans threatened them.But Jason Roode, whose son plays for the Hurricanes, told CKOM Radio in Saskatoon that there were no threatening gestures and fans felt the referees were calling penalties unfairly.Roode says there were a few family members of Hurricanes players who were kicked out of the stands by the referees for questioning their calls.Roode says the game was called after a woman in the stands got into a yelling match with one of the referees over a hit delivered to a Hurricanes player she felt should have been a head-contact penalty.Glen Cey, manager for the Prince Albert Hurricanes, says he was at the game and didn’t hear any swearing from the stands or from coach Bill Hoko, who was kicked out at the end of the second period.He says he didn’t hear any insults while the officials were escorted to their cars by RCMP, who had been called to come to the game.Michael Schwebius, who officiated alongside Chudyk, stands by his co-referee’s account. “Now that I’m suspended, it’s going to have to be some 16-year-old who goes out there.”Linesman Austin Reimer, who wasn’t suspended by the league, also confirmed the referees’ accounts.Hockey Canada president Tom Renney says he trusts the league’s process.“We’ll allow the branch (SHA) to defend their decisions,” he says.

Under Armour-sponsored athletes oppose CEO’s pro-Trump comments

But Curry is the first player to directly oppose comments made by their sponsor.Plank’s comments immediately drew backlash on social media with many using hashtags #boycottUnderArmour and #Grabyourwallet to promote a campaign against pro-Trump companies.Under Armour has since released a statement saying Plank’s comments were in regard to Trump’s business policies, not his social viewpoints.“We believe in advocating for fair trade, an inclusive immigration policy that welcomes the best and the brightest and those seeking opportunity in the great tradition of our country, and tax reform that drives hiring to help create new jobs globally, across America and in Baltimore,” the company said. 8 election. Professional ballet dancer Misty Copeland and wrestler turned-actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson joined National Basketball Association star Stephen Curry in opposing comments made by the chief executive of their sponsor Under Armour supporting U.S. President Donald Trump.On Tuesday, Plank expressed support for Trump on CNBC, saying: “To have such a pro-business president is something that is a real asset for the country.”

Under Armour athletes rebuke CEO’s pro-Trump stance (Reuters)

On Thursday, Copeland wrote on her Instagram page (@mistyonpointe) that she strongly disagrees with Plank’s recent comments in support of Trump.Johnson on Twitter (@TheRock) also posted that Plank’s words on CNBC were neither his words or his beliefs. But he added that his disagreement does not mean he will be abandoning Under Armour, with which he currently has a shoe line.Copeland and Johnson join a number of athletes including Curry to speak out against Trump.In an interview with The San Jose Mercury News on Wednesday, Curry, one of Under Armour’s most-visible athletes, said, “I agree with that description (of asset made by Plank), if you remove the ‘et’.”A number of NBA players including Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James, who is endorsed by Nike Inc, have recently expressed concerns over Trump’s policies. Under Armour is based in Baltimore.Under Armour was not immediately available for comment on Thursday.Curry, who has a multimillion-dollar contract that includes an equity stake in Under Armour that runs through 2024, said in the interview that Plank working with Trump is not a deal-breaker, but he is more concerned about Under Armour adopting Trump’s values.Curry endorsed Hilary Clinton, Trump’s Democrat opponent, in the Nov.

Mosul residents can play soccer again, without Islamic State restrictions

We had to wear trousers like this,” said Obeyda
Mohammed, pointing at a tracksuit one of his fellow players was wearing.“But it had to be baggy, not tight. He then had to cut the logos of
teams such as Real Madrid and Barcelona from the jerseys.“They called them infidel logos,” he said.Soccer is very popular in Iraq and many people root for big European teams
such as Manchester United, Chelsea or Barcelona.“We couldn’t wear shorts. We had to bring a blacksmith with a
grinder to cut them off,” Mohammed Sadiq said. Signs of war are still visible, with broken
windows and damaged fences surrounding the field and with holes in the rooftop
of the canteen. “It was closed for three to four months and we reopened after the
liberation,” said Abu Laith Mohammed, the manager of the soccer field.The field was allowed to stay open when IS controlled the area, but the
militants imposed strict rules on the game, including a dress code that forced
players to cut teams’ insignia from their jerseys and a ban on referees’
whistles.“It wasn’t as much fun,” said 26-year-old Obeyda Mohammed after he finished a
game one afternoon with his friends. “They introduced new rules that never
existed in sports before.”The players weren’t allowed to wear logos or brand names on soccer shirts
because the militants considered them to be idolatrous.“I had to stand at the entrance of the pitch with scissors,” said 31-year-old
Mohammed Sadiq, who works at the soccer field. After months of fighting,
Mosul residents can finally practice their favourite game again at a soccer
field in the eastern part of the city – and this time without the restrictions
imposed by Islamic State group militants.The venue was closed for almost four months while Iraqi forces and militants
fought a fierce battle for the city. Tournaments could not be organized either.Mohammed Sadiq said there wasn’t a time limit on a match, which under normal
rules should last 90 minutes, and IS fighters would typically abandon the game
after 15 minutes or so when they didn’t feel like playing anymore.Games also had to be stopped for prayers.“I had to bring prayer mats for the players and put them on the football
pitch and lead the prayer for them,” he said.The militants also made the players remove the five Olympic rings from the
building because they said it was the sign of infidels.“We tried to tell them it represented the five continents and had nothing to
do with the infidels but it was useless. By the way, the brands and logos of
companies like Adidas, Nike and the others were forbidden.”The militants also ordered the referees not to use whistles during the game
“because the sound would make the devils gather,” the players said.Trophies and medals were also forbidden because it was thought that they
would encourage greed.

Jets coach Maurice ‘glad’ Pavelec pulled himself from game after injury

Fortunately for the Jets, Pavelec might not be gone for long.“We’re hoping we can rehab this in a week,” Maurice said after Thursday’s practice. “But we’d always kicked around the idea.“We know Buff and Toby have played really well together. And that’s always a sign of a confident guy. He last started Jan. That’s not the right word, but chirping might be. He didn’t feel it,” Maurice said. He looks a little refreshed, and probably a little bit hungry.”During practice, Maurice continued with the different defensive pairings he had tried against the Wild.He put Dustin Byfuglien with fellow veteran Toby Enstrom instead of rookie Josh Morrissey, who was moved with Jacob Trouba. I would prefer our goalies got out right away on any of those because if they’re at all focused on any part of their body, they’re not going to be as good as they need to be. If (Morrissey and Trouba) can build a chemistry, then you’d be hopeful they’d be good together for a while.” Less than a minute after Winnipeg scored to cut Minnesota’s lead to 3-1, Pavelec left the ice.Maurice said he didn’t see what happened to Pavelec but appreciated the 29-year-old’s self-evaluation.“I didn’t see the problem on the incident. “He looks mentally like he’s sharp.“He’s really moving in net. 26 against the Blackhawks and picked up his fourth win this season against the familiar foes.When Winnipeg recalled Pavelec for the first time since sending him to the minors after training camp, Maurice said Hellebuyck could use the extra time to work on his game and get some needed rest.Hellebuyck, who’s 17-13-1 with a 2.78 goals-against average and .909 save percentage, said he focused on the finer details of his job and likes where his game is at. Hellebuyck was already slated to get the start Friday when Winnipeg (25-27-4) hosts the Chicago Blackhawks (33-17-5).The 23-year-old had played in 34 games before Pavelec was recalled. 17. Maurice said those pairings had been on his mind for a while.“The two young defencemen were playing very, very well so we just kept leaving it, leaving it,” Maurice said. He didn’t return because of an undisclosed lower-body injury. He also benefitted from some rest.“You don’t even realize how mentally and physically grinding it is because every day you’re just continuing on,” said Hellebuyck, who’ll be backed up by Michael Hutchinson on Friday. He’s back barking at guys in practice. “But as a few minutes go by, it starts to stiffen up a little bit.“It’s a veteran call. I’m glad he did because those things can just go south on you real fast, so instead of a hopeful week (of recovery) then you’re into months.”Sophomore Connor Hellebuyck replaced Pavelec and stopped all 10 shots he faced. “Things have to go right kind of at each stage of this week, but we’re hoping it’ll be about a week.”Pavelec made his eighth start in nine games (4-4) since being recalled from the American Hockey League’s Manitoba Moose on Jan. Winnipeg head coach Paul Maurice has no problem with Jets goaltender Ondrej Pavelec’s decision to pull himself from a game.Pavelec headed to the bench six minutes into the second period of Winnipeg’s 4-2 loss to the Minnesota Wild on Tuesday. “And then when you kind of recover from it, then you kind of feel yourself like, wow, this is what good feels like.”Maurice has seen a difference in Hellebuyck since his break from the crease.“His stance is a little different in the net, a little more aggressive, a little more confident and looks a little fresher,” Maurice said.

Betty Stanhope-Cole was a fiercely competitive golfer with a ‘perfect’ swing

Hard, passing people. He died of cancer four years ago.Ms. Cole to present it to her on Mother’s Day.However, during the Masters, Mr. In both the Edmonton and Alberta Halls, she also gained induction on the strength of her curling exploits. “She never really talked about it. Problem solved. For years her parents lived in the home closest to the entrance of the Highlands Golf Club. Stanhope-Cole with Mr. She was probably 30 pounds lighter than I was.”Her raw talent was developed further by Canadian golf Hall of Famer Henry Martell, known for his sweet swing. Fearless, she sped along the highway, exceeding the speed limit.When a car loomed alongside her at the same rate of speed, Ms. When they died, Ms. Betty Stanhope-Cole was a woman ahead of her time. McMillan said. “She was so excited, yet she was pretty composed. “She was always going 100 miles an hour,” he said.She developed a bad cough and cold in the fall. “She was tough as nails,” Mr. Tall and tomboyish, with a charming gap-toothed grin, she was fiercely competitive and independent. “She was incredibly opinionated,” her son said. Stanhope-Cole died at the age of 79 of lung cancer in Edmonton, where she grew up and honed her craft. Cole noticed that his mother was fatigued at climbing the hilly course even though she had been quite fit until then, often walking on a treadmill and going for walks outdoors. “It was beautiful. 21, 1937, to Rob Stanhope and his wife, Lillian, a fiery redhead who had been orphaned and worked on a farm from the age of nine or 10 to take care of her sister. “We had fun,” Ms. Stanhope-Cole leaves her son, Rob; daughter, Jackie; and grandchildren, Brian, Tyler, Talia and Tanner.To submit an I Remember: obit@globeandmail.comSend us a memory of someone we have recently profiled on the Obituaries page. The takeaway and follow-through were just perfect.“And, oh god, she was a mean machine and competitive. Cole said. I think she and Marlene Streit are the two greatest golfers that this country has ever produced.”Life didn’t always deliver a smooth path. She didn’t try to kill it like the young men today do. Cole said of the meeting. Nicklaus and his wife, Barbara, arrived in time for Mr. I could put her in her place, although I was very selective.”Yet the two have a special bond, and Mr. “If it was anybody else, she would have told them to get the hell off her bag. Behind the scenes, Mr. Cole ensured that his mother crossed a few items off her bucket list before she died. Stanhope-Cole became the top female golfer in Canada in 1974 and 1976. It was a beautiful swing, partly because of her height. Nicklaus by calling him “Jack.”An autographed photo of Ms. She took anti-rejection drugs for the rest of her life, but none of that slowed her down.She married Gordon Cole, an engineer who eventually became chief executive officer with Interprovincial Pipe Line Ltd., which later morphed into Enbridge Inc. In all, she won 40 City of Edmonton Championships.Ms. If you got ahead of her at a light, she’d want to beat you.”While playing for a national team in New Zealand in 1963, Ms. But we’re probably the only two who could fight like that and still get along, just because we’re so strong-minded.”Mr. 27, Ms. Cole arranged for her to meet her idol, Jack Nicklaus – without telling her.“She was just like a schoolgirl,” Mr. Stanhope-Cole represented Canada five times between 1963 and 1976 and played on 25 Alberta interprovincial teams. Stanhope-Cole underwent a kidney transplant just in time to avoid dialysis. McMillan lived out of town – in Ponoka – Betty would always allow her to crash at her house during Edmonton tournaments. “She and I fought like cats and dogs, just because we’re both the same. Please include I Remember in the subject field. “She was either always in the curling rink [she played at the national level] or on the golf course. A couple of summers ago, he talked her into visiting Glen Abbey Golf Course in Oakville, Ont., to view her Hall of Fame display.“While she was proud of her accomplishments, she was never boastful,” he said.Last spring, he persuaded her to attend the Masters tournament in Georgia. Ms. “Like, 100 miles an hour. She always found a way.With talent, indefatigable attitude and strong will, Ms. “She was a special gal. She amassed a formidable record at home and abroad with the dictum: “I hated to lose more than I wanted to win.”

On Jan. You look at the kids these days, like Rory McIlroy, her swing was as good as that, if not better. She was tough.” Still, Ms. Stanhope-Cole bravely took to the wheel in a country where motorists drive on the left side of the road. Before that, she delivered a string of triumphs: 1956 Canadian Junior Girls champion, 1957 Canadian Ladies’ champion (the first woman from Western Canada to do so), 1967 Canadian Ladies’ Close champion and Alberta Ladies amateur champion 16 times. Cole said.Lillian was outgoing and had many friends and a warmth about her.Her husband worked hard in the oil fields after crude was discovered at Leduc, Alta., in 1947. Back then, we lived in a male-dominated world, but that didn’t bother her. She certainly didn’t seek any sympathy.”She left a huge footprint in many areas.Ms. A park nearby was named in her honour in 2011.“She was different than most moms,” said Rob Cole, one of her two children. McMillan found her Alberta team member always willing to impart helpful advice. Her peers today call her the Wayne Gretzky of women’s amateur golf. “I think I was the only one that could fight back and not be fired,” he said. More than 20 years ago, they divorced. Stanhope-Cole took over the estate, becoming the unofficial matron of the course. She just marched ahead and did her own thing.”And march she did. Betty claimed it was a set-up, but she quickly became hooked.Allan Wachowich, a former Chief Justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta, came to know Betty at the driving range, when he was 14 years old and she was about 12. He was “difficult,” Mr. “She drove like she played golf,” Mr. “I had already learned to golf and was golfing pretty good,” he recalled. He stood more than six feet tall, with broad shoulders, but underneath it all, he had a soft heart.Betty was a product of the two. And because Ms. It ricocheted off a tree and bounced around before it rolled back onto the green and into the cup.Betty was 11 and playing tennis when her father suggested she take over a lesson at a driving range at Grierson Hill in Edmonton that he could not attend. You could tell after that she didn’t have any words as we walked away.” Her first concern afterward was that she had offended Mr. She learned from the best.“Her swing was magnificent,” said fellow team member Cathy McMillan, who was 15 when she met Betty. Lillian was a terrible golfer. Cole caddied for his mother for years when he became old enough. Stanhope-Cole was known for having a dry sense of humour that could be biting at times. Cole said. Stanhope-Cole accelerated, only to find out so that the other vehicle was an unmarked police car.The police officer issued her a steep fine. So perfect. Stanhope-Cole threw herself at the mercy of the court, claiming that she was a young woman in a foreign country who was concerned for her safety and that she had no intent to race. More than 30 years ago, Ms. Cole said. She skipped three Alberta championship curling teams, and placed second in the 1978 Canadian Lassie (national championship).Betty Stanhope was born in Calgary on Sept. It was the norm for me.”He adds that she was also able to be very present in her children’s lives and was careful not to put her sporting career before them.“I think she did a remarkable job at balancing that during an era that was pretty traditional. By December, her cancer had quickly advanced.“She just marched on like she always did,” Mr. She was blessed with the warm fire of her mother, but had a more reserved personality.Another difference between the mother and daughter could be readily seen on the golf course. She considered turning pro, according to her son, but decided against it because the women’s professional golf tour, then in its infancy, offered little financial incentive or support.In 1980 she gave up competitive golf, but devoted herself to becoming a mentor to young players and to the Canadian Ladies’ Golf Association.She is a member of three Halls of Fame: the Edmonton Sports Hall of Fame, the Golf Canada Hall of Fame and the Edmonton Sports Hall of Fame. On one occasion, however, Lillian scored a lucky hole-in-one at Highlands, which drove her daughter crazy.During her storied career, Betty never accomplished a hole-in-one.Lillian – or Nan, as her family called her – scored her ace with a shot that never got off the ground. “But she was out-driving me.

Data company forecasts 29 medals for Canada at 2018 Olympics

It’s sport. But his spokesman acknowledged the decision rests with the IOC.“As of now, we are preparing for the Games on the premise that the Russians will be there,” spokesman Sung Baik-you told the AP.The IOC allowed selected Russian athletes to compete in Rio de Janeiro. The current highs are Canada’s 14 gold and the 37 medals won by the United States in the 2010 Vancouver-Whistler Games.Canada is projected to collect 29 medals – nine gold, nine silver and 11 bronze – behind Germany with 34 and the United States at 32 in Pyeongchang.France is pegged to post its best performance, tying the United States for gold with 10 and Russia at 22 medals.The 2018 Winter Olympics opens Feb. 9 and closes 16 days later. With a year to go, The Canadian Press forecasts 28 medals for the Canadian team (eight gold, 10 silver, 10 bronze).Those who run Canadian sport are waiting until after several sports’ world championships conclude to declare the country’s goal for Pyeongchang.Finishing first in total medals won was the target in both 2010 and 2014, when Canada won 26 medals for third and 25 for fourth, respectively.Canada ranks third among countries in gold medals (31) and total medals (116) so far this winter sport World Cup season behind Germany (64, 163) and the United States (45, 126).The Canadian Olympic Committee expects to send a team of approximately 240 athletes to Pyeongchang, which would be the largest for a Winter Games.Former short-track speed skater Isabelle Charest was named Canada’s chef de mission earlier this week.The great unknown in the equation in South Korea will be Russia.The International Olympic Committee has yet to say if Russia will participate in Pyeongchang, in the wake of a report that said the country was behind an “institutional conspiracy” that corrupted drug testing at the 2012 and 2014 Olympics.World Anti-Doping Agency investigator Richard McLaren has issued two reports that detail Russian state involvement in a huge program of cheating. The difference between the athletes at the top of these sports is generally very tiny.” “It would be a bit harsh if we had to get it all right. “They will respect the due process including the right to be heard of the persons concerned.”Lee Hee-beom, the head of the Pyeongchang organizing committee, has said he expects Russia to compete in South Korea. And he was correct with China and Britain next in the overall standings.“The differences are tiny,” Gleave said. The International Paralympic Committee, however, banned the entire delegation. That puts pressure on the IOC to act, though a blanket ban on Russian athletes seems unlikely.“Two IOC commissions have been set up to co-ordinate our response to the McLaren report,” the IOC said in a statement to the AP. It gives more weight to larger events, and to the most recent. But he didn’t foresee the level of American dominance. Some sports are incredibly unpredictable. The IPC said that bans remains in place “because the RPC (Russian Paralympic Committee) has not yet met the reinstatement criteria.”The IPC also prohibits Russian athletes for entering qualification events.Data analyst Simon Gleave said he’s running his information on the premise that Russia will be there. An analytics company predicts a big Winter Olympics for Norway and says Canada will finish fourth in total medals won next year in Pyeongchang, South Korea.The U.S.-based sports and entertainment data company Gracenote has Norway topping its virtual medal table with 40 medals, including 15 gold, which would both be Winter Games records. He has Russia finishing sixth in the overall total with 22 medals and sixth in the gold-medal table with six – tied with South Korea and the Netherlands.Russia led the medals table in 2014 in Sochi with 33 overall.Gleave has constructed a complex program to track performances leading up to the Olympics. He said 80 per cent of the medalists in Rio came from his list of the top eight contenders in each event.He predicted the United States would lead both the overall and gold-medal table in Rio. But the system isn’t perfect.At last year’s Rio de Janeiro Olympics, Gracenote and Gleave predicted slightly more than 50 per cent of the medal winners correctly – without regard to the colour of the medal.

Former Calgary Stampeder, team president Bill Britton dies at 82

Lions from 1958 to 1964.Britton later became a Stampeders board member and served as team president in 1983-84. A versatile player, Britton played both fullback and linebacker and occasionally filled in as a punt returner.The University of Western Ontario alumnus rushed for 505 yards and three touchdowns, caught 15 passes for 127 yards and totalled 326 return yards. Britton also had five receptions.Britton was a lawyer for the Calgary-based Bennett Jones firm after his playing career. CALGARY – Former Calgary Stampeder player and team president Bill Britton has died at 82.Britton died at his Calgary home on Monday, the Stampeders said Thursday in a statement.He played seven CFL seasons for both the Stampeders and the B.C. 16 in Calgary. He also served as a director for a number of Alberta companies.He is survived by wife Linda, children Christopher, Angela, Daniel and Jane and foster daughter Claudette, as well as 24 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.A funeral mass will be held Feb. He joined the board of directors for the NFL’s Denver Broncos in 1985.

Knee woes keep Russell Martin off Canadian World Baseball Classic roster

“That’s not our goal.“But [Martin’s] view, and his feeling all along, was that [his injury] was just minor and he feels great and we were proceeding along those lines. Not at all.“But at the end of the day we’re running out players that can play the game at a pretty high level. They all might not be household names, but they’re pretty good players.” “It’s not always the deepest roster that comes out on top because they’re one-game shots.“We’re certainly capable of beating the Dominican Republic and/or the United States. Martin’s name was not on the list for Team Canada after being denied insurance coverage on his contract with the Blue Jays as a result of his minor knee surgery.“[The insurers] have a pretty high standard when it comes to off-season surgery,” Greg Hamilton, Baseball Canada’s director of national teams and head coach, said Thursday during an interview. Hanley Ramirez, then with the Los Angeles Dodgers, tore a ligament in his right thumb that required surgery. Are we as deep as they are? Do we have the star power they have top to bottom? No. It’s one of those things that falls outside your control.”It is disappointing for the Canadian team, with another of its top players not being able to participate in the tournament. Louis Cardinals and coming off of elbow surgery, was unable to get insurance to play for the Dominican Republic at the WBC.And the risks of competing in the tournament are not insignificant. Martin and Saunders will be joined on the sidelines by the likes of Joey Votto, James Paxton and Lawrie, who have also sent their regrets for various reasons.“That’s the beauty of international competition,” Hamilton said. He was articulating that view. In 2013, New York Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira suffered a torn tendon sheath in his right wrist while training for Team USA – an injury that sent him to the 60-day disabled list. We were articulating that view. It was day surgery, and Martin walked out of the hospital under his own steam – unaware that the operation would come back to haunt him more than two months later.Wednesday was the deadline for participating countries to submit their final rosters for the upcoming World Baseball Classic, a tournament created under the direction of MLB. Efforts to reach him through the Blue Jays proved fruitless on Thursday.Just last month, at the annual Baseball Canada banquet in Toronto, the four-time MLB All-Star spoke excitedly about his anticipated participation in the 16-country World Baseball Classic, which starts March, 6 at four venues.And Martin wasn’t even going to be the catcher for Canada in the event; he was going to play shortstop, the position he played in college.“He was our best option at shortstop,” Hamilton said, stressing that the position switch had nothing to do with trying to save wear and tear on Martin’s knee.The insurance is necessary in case a player, often being paid millions at the MLB level, gets injured in the WBC tournament and is unable to return to play for his major-league team. Since the 2013 tournament, players have been insured to have their salaries covered by the WBC if they get injured and have to miss at least 30 days of playing time.That can add up quickly when you consider a player such as Martin is still owed $60-million (U.S.) over the remaining three years of his contract.Martin is not the first player to experience WBC insurance issues. “That’s basically what I think happened here, because Russ went in and cleaned some things up – albeit even minor.”“It is standard operating procedure for all players to be cleared for contract insurance before being added to a WBC roster,” an MLB spokesperson said in an e-mail. In 2009, Albert Pujols, then playing for the St. And Brett Lawrie, then the starting third baseman for the Blue Jays, began the season on the DL after suffering a rib injury while suiting up for Canada.“On our side I would certainly say that we would never want a player that’s part of our organization … coming in here if there’s a risk of them harming their professional career,” Hamilton said. Outfielder Michael Saunders, a Victoria native, has also withdrawn from the competition; he said he wanted to spend as much time as possible at the spring training camp of his new team, the Philadelphia Phillies. “Due to some players’ injury history, such as the case of Russell Martin (who had off-season surgery), their contracts cannot be insured.” Martin, a 33-year-old Toronto native, is said to be livid about the decision, believing it was made arbitrarily by the WBC organizers without giving him a chance to demonstrate that his surgically repaired knee is fine. In late November, Russell Martin entered a Florida hospital for arthroscopic surgery on his left knee, a procedure many professional athletes are only too familiar with.It was to remove floating torn cartilage from the joint and it was not that pressing a concern for the Toronto Blue Jays catcher.His knee was strong enough to withstand the rigours of competing in 146 games over the course of the 2016 Major League Baseball season (including playoffs) – 136 of those behind the plate, the game’s most demanding position.

Daniel Sedin’s two points help lift Canucks past Blue Jackets

Sergei Bobrovsky had 21 saves for the Blue Jackets, who had plenty of offensive opportunities but couldn’t find the back of the net.The game was scoreless after a blase first period in which both teams were out of synch. It was the third shutout this season for the Canucks and Miller, and the first on the road. The teams had nine shots apiece, and Columbus — struggling with consistency since a 16-game winning streak earlier this season — squandered the only power play of the period, unable to get off even one shot with a man advantage.Sedin put the Canucks up 44 seconds into the second period when he beat Seth Jones to a rebound and slammed it past Bobrovsky for his 12th goal of the season.The Canucks got another one during a power play when Sedin fed Eriksson at the doorstep to make it 2-0 with 8:56 remaining in the second.Megna capped the scoring with 9:18 left in the game when he deked Bobrovsky on a breakaway.The Blue Jackets, with the league’s best power play, got another chance with a man advantage in the final period but the best they could do was get a shot off the post by Jones. Daniel Sedin had a goal and an assist and Ryan Miller stopped 33 shots as the Vancouver Canucks beat the Columbus Blue Jackets 3-0 on Thursday night.Loui Eriksson and Jayson Megna also scored for the Canucks, who won for the first time in five games.

Frederik Andersen looks refreshed, even in Leafs’ loss to Blues

But Andersen sat up, tracked the shot and made a nifty glove save.He was rewarded by the hockey gods midway through the third period when Blues defenceman Alex Pietrangelo, who was robbed in close by Andersen in the second, had a breakaway. Andersen lost his stick in a scramble around the goal, and the puck went to the high slot with the goaltender down on the ice. Just before Hitchcock was fired, Allen was kept home on a Blues road trip in the hopes he could somehow gather his game.Whether it was the mental break or Hitchcock’s firing is not known, but since the coaching change Allen, 26, is playing more like he did last season. By the end of the second, the Blues held a 31-18 advantage in shots on goal.That was not bad, considering it was the Blues’ third road game in four nights. “He’s the backbone of our team.”The Leafs made it to the third period with the score tied 1-1 thanks mostly to Andersen. He went into the Leafs game with a 2-1 record, a 1.34 goals-against average and a save percentage of .954 in his last three starts.When the Leafs finally came on late in the second period, it was Allen who frustrated them. He, too, was rewarded by the hockey gods on the best scoring chance the Leafs had, midway through the period. Louis. It was pretty crappy luck.” After an unworldly November and December, Andersen was much more ordinary in January and even worse recently. “We made better plays around him. Fatigue was fingered as the culprit, and it was hoped the acquisition of veteran backup Curtis McElhinney would help. Well, McElhinney gave Andersen another night off on Tuesday while backing the Leafs to a win over the Dallas Stars.Andersen came back Thursday night looking far more refreshed than he has in most games of late. Okay, Toronto Maple Leafs fans, you can exhale – even if your team lost 2-1 in overtime to the St. He’s in a situation – I think he played around [43] games last year in the regular season – we want him to play a lot more. They outshot the Leafs 17-4, and only Andersen kept the score 1-0 for the visitors on a goal at 4:15 by Patrik Berglund.The save of the night came as the first period was winding down. “I went to shoot and the puck was nowhere to be found. Since this is his first season as a true No. “But there’s times in the year when you have little dips and you’ve got to make sure you work hard every single day and those dips are shorter and they don’t happen as often.“That’s the challenge for him. Leafs winger Mitch Marner made a fabulous deke on Allen to get an open net, but the puck hopped over his stick and skittered out of danger.“I looked up and saw the net,” Marner said. If you play right, your goalie looks better.”The Leafs were better in the second period but they, too, had to deal with a hot goaltender.While much has been made of the Blues’ 3-1 record since Ken Hitchcock was fired as head coach and replaced by Mike Yeo, which started with a 5-1 win over the Leafs on Feb. He was the freshest-looking Leaf over the first 40 minutes as the Blues dominated play, especially in the first period. Also, they lost their top centre early in the second period when Paul Stastny got tangled with Leafs centre Nazem Kadri and fell into the boards.Thursday’s game was Andersen’s 44th appearance of the season. He’s got to do his part.”Andersen did his part and more, especially in the first period when the Blues dominated. The Leafs were all over the Blues in the last four minutes and they did manage to tie the score on a goal by defenceman Morgan Rielly.The Leafs were even better in the third period, but so was Allen. The Leafs may have wound up losing thanks to Blues winger Vladimir Tarasenko, who ended a quiet night by skating around a couple of Leafs and firing a rocket in the first 20 seconds of overtime, but Toronto would not have gotten that far without Andersen, who finished with 38 saves.“He made a lot of key saves all night,” said Leafs winger Mitch Marner, who missed a glorious chance to put the Leafs ahead in the third period. Our team was no good [in last week’s 5-1 loss] against St. Louis Blues.The latest thing to wind the knickers of Leafs Nation into a knot was the play of goaltender Frederik Andersen. We weren’t competitive, so this should be a better opportunity for [Andersen] since our team will play better. So the challenge for him is being able to handle that. 1 goaltender and he played in 43 games last season for the Anaheim Ducks, there has been much discussion about fatigue as Andersen’s play tailed off in January.Leafs head coach Mike Babcock was rather pointed in his remarks about Andersen after the game-day skate on Thursday.“Well, it hasn’t been good enough,” Babcock said about Andersen’s recent work. Andersen kept his cool and stayed still, waiting for Pietrangelo to make the first move until he shot the puck over the net.Babcock was considerably more impressed with his goaltender after the game but measured in his praise.“Yeah, I thought he was good for sure,” the coach said. 2, the biggest difference for them has been goalie Jake Allen.It was Allen’s struggles that led to Hitchcock’s firing as much as anything. While the rest of the Blues were not playing as bad as their record, Allen’s play in goal fell off a cliff compared to last season.

Mark Stone scores winner, Senators break mini-slump with win over Stars

Kelly got credit for the goal as the Stars’ Jiri Hudler put the puck in his own net during a delayed penalty call as defencemen Dan Hamhuis and John Klingberg watched in horror unable to get to the puck.Notes: C Curtis Lazar and RW Chris Neil were healthy scratches. Thursday’s game marked the one-year anniversary of Dion Phaneuf being traded from Toronto to Ottawa. Ottawa is now 2-3-1 in its last six and have been outscored 23-15 in that span.Tied 2-2, Stone scored his team-leading 19th at the six-minute mark of the third as he grabbed the puck behind the net and beat Lehtonen on the wraparound in front of 17,676 at Canadian Tire Centre.The Stars managed to come back and tie the game in the second after falling behind two goals.Roussel got the Stars in the game midway through the period as he took a pass from Radek Faksa for the easy tap in from the side of the net. The Ottawa Senators snapped a two-game slump as Mark Stone scored the winner in a 3-2 victory over the Dallas Stars Thursday night.Dion Phaneuf and Chris Kelly also scored for the Senators (28-18-6) as Mike Condon made 31 saves.Antoine Roussel and Jamie Benn scored for the Stars (21-24-10), who are on a four-game losing streak. Benn tied the game with under four minutes remaining in the period as he was able to get a shot through traffic from just inside the blue line.Despite being outshot 12-6 the Senators held a 2-0 lead after 20 minutes.Phaneuf scored shorthanded to open the scoring at the 14-minute mark, but it was Kelly’s goal that will be talked about. Former Senators C Jason Spezza (upper body) and Ales Hemsky (hip) were unavailable for the Stars. After being shut out the last two games, the Senators managed to find the back of the net, but still had their share of struggles as they gave up a two-goal lead. The Stars D Julius Honka and LW Curtis McKenzie were healthy scratches. Kari Lehtonen made 24 saves.

Oakland Raiders’ proposed Las Vegas stadium still lacks financing

A site hasn’t been picked for the stadium, although a parcel of land near the Las Vegas Strip has emerged as a preferred location.The stadium authority is a public board whose operations will be funded by the newly approved Las Vegas-area hotel tax increase that’s expected to yield $13 million a year. The Oakland Raiders and the board overseeing the proposed NFL stadium in Las Vegas have high hopes for the project despite losing an instrumental supporter, but their plan is still missing hundreds of millions of dollars in financing.Team leaders and the stadium authority board met publicly Thursday for the first time since casino magnate Sheldon Adelson withdrew a $650 million pledge for the project. Casinos won’t start collecting that until March 1, and money won’t flow to the authority until April. Both sides plan to continue to work on a lease agreement, but the team didn’t give a definitive answer for the major financial gap. Financing will not be an issue.”Badain told the board the team is in discussions with “multiple financial institutions,” but declined to elaborate beyond that when asked by The Associated Press. “We may make six weeks’ worth of progress in the next three or four weeks.”The Raiders paid $3.5 million in rent to play at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum in 2016, up from $925,000 for the 2015 season. whose holdings include the Venetian and Palazzo resorts on the Las Vegas Strip, played an instrumental role in winning state approval to help fund the stadium with public money.In withdrawing, he declared that he had been shut out of talks that led to the lease document being presented to the stadium authority.Another lingering question is location. “We are not deterred. The cost of the 65,000-seat domed stadium is pegged at $1.9 billion.The meeting in Las Vegas came at a crucial time for the Raiders’ proposed relocation: less than two weeks after Adelson pulled out of the project and six weeks before an NFL owners’ meeting where they are expected to vote on whether to approve the move.Badain and stadium authority board members on Thursday expressed confidence in their ability to make significant progress in a proposed lease and use agreement ahead of the owners gathering. The team has options to remain at the stadium for the 2017 and 2018 seasons.Adelson and his family had pledged $650 million and the Raiders promised $500 million, with the stadium authority putting up $750 million in Las Vegas tax revenues.Adelson, the chief executive of Las Vegas Sands Corp. “The organization remains fully committed to this project,” Raiders president Marc Badain told the stadium authority board members. A draft of the agreement that the Raiders presented to the stadium authority board last month includes a proposed $1 annual rent for the team.“We’ll work to make it better,” board chairman Steve Hill said.