Cleveland Browns take Myles Garrett with first pick at NFL Draft

While Trubisky comes with some question marks due to inexperience, Garrett was the consensus top player available in this year’s draft of the best U.S. The Cleveland Browns selected defensive end Myles Garrett with the first pick of the National Football League Draft in Philadelphia on Thursday before the Chicago Bears made a stunning call by trading up for quarterback Mitchell Trubisky.The Bears, slated to draft third behind the 49ers, sent three other picks to San Francisco to swap first-round places and leapfrog them to select the North Carolina quarterback. college football players.The 21-year-old Garrett, who played for Texas A&M and is considered an elite edge rusher with rare explosiveness, joins a Browns team that went a league-worst 1-15 last season.NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell made the announcement after being showered with boos during his welcome words for the estimated 70,000 that packed the road stretching from the main stage in an open-air theater built on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.Garrett, who has drawn comparisons to longtime NFL standout Julius Peppers, had 11.5 sacks as a freshman and the next season was a finalist for the Lombardi and Hendricks Awards as college football’s top defender with 12.5 sacks and five forced fumbles.Despite a knee injury early in 2016, Garrett still registered 15 tackles for a loss and 8.5 sacks in 11 games.The first big surprise of the night did not take long as the Bears handed the Niners their third-round pick (67th overall) and fourth-round choice and Chicago’s third-rounder next year to guarantee they could add Trubisky to their roster.“I didn’t see it coming at all, it’s been a mystery,” Trubisky told NFL Network. “I’m so happy to be a Chicago Bear.”Trubisky made only 13 career starts at North Carolina, throwing 41 touchdowns and 11 interceptions in his college career.The 49ers then took defensive end Solomon Thomas, who played his college career at nearby Stanford.The Jacksonville Jaguars followed by claiming powerful running back Leonard Fournette of LSU and the Tennessee Titans took wide receiver Corey Davis from Western Michigan.Another team eager for a quarterback produced the next big shock, Kansas City Chiefs moving up 17 places in a deal with the Buffalo Bills to take Patrick Mahomes of Texas Tech with the 10th selection of the round.

Judge certifies class action lawsuit against Ontario Hockey League

A class action lawsuit against the Ontario Hockey League got the green light Thursday.The suit contends that OHL players have been paid less than the minimum wage required by law in their regions and asks for $180-million in back wages, overtime and vacation pay.Ontario Superior Court Justice Paul Perell granted certification to the lawsuit with some conditions. He ruled players with the OHL’s three U.S. teams should be resolved by the U.S. teams were exempt from the class action. Sam Berg, a former Niagara IceDogs forward, and Daniel Pachis, a former member of the Oshawa Generals, were recognized as the representative plaintiffs.The suit argues the standard agreements players sign pay them as little as $35 per week for between 40 to 65 hours of work.The OHL’s position is the players are “amateur student-athletes” and says it cannot afford to pay the players minimum wage on top of the benefits they receive, which include post-secondary scholarships.The allegations have yet to be proven in court.Parallel class actions are pending in both the Western Hockey League and Quebec Major Junior Hockey League brought forth by Lucas Walter, a former player in both.The three major junior hockey leagues, featuring a combined 60 teams of players between the ages of 16 and 20, fall under the umbrella of the Canadian Hockey League.The lawsuit against the OHL will proceed under claims of breach of employment law, but not under breach of contract, Perell said in his ruling.“It is not a surprise that parts of this suit were certified and allowed to move forward as a class action given the current state of the law in Canada on this procedural issue,” the OHL said in a statement.“We are pleased that the court recognized the preferability that claims against our U.S. courts.”The OHL maintained players are not employees and the benefits the players receive from the league and teams “far exceed the employment standards benefits sought in the claim.”During certification hearings last month in Toronto, the OHL said that some teams would fold and others would have to reduce or eliminate some player benefits if the plaintiffs won their case.

Nastase says comments about Serena Williams were ‘spontaneous’

“At the press conference I was asked what opinion I had about Serena being pregnant. I don’t know why the match was suspended.”Nastase earned the nickname “Nasty” for his on-court outbursts and gamesmanship in his playing heyday in the 1970s. He’s a member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame. I then found out for the first time (she was pregnant) and my reaction was spontaneous,” said Nastase, who is the captain of Romania’s Fed Cup team.Nastase also said Williams was “one of the greatest players of all times and I know how much work goes into achieving these results.”Williams is black and her fiancé, Alexis Ohanian, is white.Nastase was also criticized for swearing at player Johanna Konta and Britain captain Anne Keothavong during a Fed Cup match. He said he would not try to “defend my words, but I assure you that behind them was my desire to defend the interests of the Romanian team and Romanian tennis.”Romania won the best-of-five series 3-2, but Nastase was banned by the International Tennis Federation.Nastase called tennis not a sport but “my life,” saying his outburst meant “I managed to do what I didn’t imagine was possible, to feel that tennis was slipping away from me.”“I know that nothing can really excuse my words, nor a high-level match, not the non-conformist attitude I am now known for, not the unfortunate amplification of the situation,” he said. Ilie Nastase responded to the backlash from his comments about Serena Williams and his Fed Cup outburst, saying his remarks about the pregnant tennis great were “spontaneous” and his tirade inexcusable.The 70-year-old tennis Nastase posted a statement on Facebook a week after he speculated about the skin colour of the baby Williams is expecting. “My life remains dedicated to tennis and its public and I ask you to accept, as much as is possible, my apologies.”Despite the apology, he also took another shot at Konta.“I think what happened was exaggerated from all sides. “I asked her in a civilized way for some explanations and she sent me to the tribune where I was removed as captain. Nonetheless, Johanna Konta should not have spoken with the chair umpire, that’s what the team captain does,” Nastase said. But it also described his game, which earned him two Grand Slam singles titles and more than 100 ATP titles. After this, the umpire suspended the match.

Bruno Caboclo leads Raptors 905 to NBA D-League title

Troy Williams led the Vipers with 23 points. Raptors 905 is affiliated with the NBA’s Toronto Raptors, and Rio Grande with the Houston Rockets. Bruno Coboclo led Raptors 905 to the NBA Development League title Thursday night, scoring 31 points and adding 11 rebounds in a 122-96 victory over the Rio Grande Valley Vipers.Raptors 905 won the best-of-three series 2-1, taking the last two at home after dropping the opener at Rio Grande.Caboclo was 13 for 19 from the field, going 5 of 7 from 3-point range. Fred VanVleet added 28 points on 10-of-17 shooting and 14 rebounds, and Pascal Siakim had 17 points.

Kelly: No more moral victories; Raptors’ defining moment is now

You are inclined to agree. The Raptors no longer have the excuse of experience. Whatever the Raptors are right now, they are. No two players can be in form at the same time. In its way, it’s worse than being bad, because there is reasonable hope for improvement in the midst of awfulness. Just as long as Tucker doesn’t spend too much time on the face. There’s a difference.They proved it again on Thursday night, handing back every bit of a 25-point third-quarter lead that turned the final seconds into a panicked scramble. This time it was Norm Powell. As long as they take a game or two (as they did last year) this can all be held up as a game effort – gone down swinging. The Jays are, if not good, interesting – something the Raptors often aren’t. The Raptors fall headlong into them like quicksand and begin trashing about in search of a vine. Your long-term disability insurance is decent. The roster is overflowing with it. The Leafs are already hogging all the attention and will only take more of it next year. This is that point. “No, no,” Casey said, in rebuttal to some imaginary demur. The Bucks did that for them.As such, it may have been the most unconvincing win since the Dunkirk evacuation.Having escaped with the series and, more important, their dignity, the players were leaning hard on the up-and-at-’em clichés.“Ready for the next one. Ready for the next one,” DeRozan said, though I’m not sure what about a near-miss like Thursday’s proves you are ‘ready’ for the defending champions.Casey returned to his frequent invocations of the Jake LaMotta School of Tactics: “We’ve got some fighters and scrappers …We make it hard on ourselves sometimes, but at the end of the day we’re going to go down swinging.”One wonders if there is something Freudian about Casey’s suggestion that it’s better to lose the right way, even when there is still a chance of winning.If you were to sum up what has defined the Raptors during this recent run of success, it is that ability to absorb punishment. Then the playoffs start, and you’re reminded how little the regular season matters. They’re the one who stands in the middle of the ring, arms dangling, daring you to swing freely.Everything is difficult for the Raptors, especially the easy things. And a few weeks in hospital would be a sort of vacation. Tucker, he will fight you,” Casey said. Every advantage must be quickly surrendered.Every once in a while, they will string together a nice run of regular-season wins that suggest they’ve finally figured it out. There is none in the purgatory of just-okayness.So enough with the moral victories, the plausible excuses and losing the right way. He gives passing praise to reliable shooters, passers, ball-handlers, hardwood thinkers and the like. You might get lucky with a fringe player, but it’s smarter to assume you won’t.While the Raptors stand still, the civic landscape around them is shifting. They can’t say they lack the horses, since their two key cogs have five all-star appearances in the past three years.More to the point, it’s not going to get a whole lot better than this.In the off-season, barring calamity, Toronto will sign Lowry to a long-term deal alongside DeRozan. Powell is not going to become Kawhi Leonard, no matter how early he shows up at the gym. If all professional athletes are fighters in the general sense, this team is the wrong sort. The defining players of the Casey Era are DeMar DeRozan (tentative), Kyle Lowry (brittle) and Jonas Valanciunas (stubbornly shy of both hard contact and progress). “He will actually fight you.”For a horrible second, you imagine that Dwane Casey is talking about you in particular. But it’s the unglamorous plodder and enthusiastic belligerent he most appreciates. And then ready for the next one (in a year’s time).At some point, that can’t be good enough. If Casey ran a Fortune 500 company, the janitor would be employee-of-the-month every time.He’s never had that sort of lineup in Toronto. It may already have been.So while the Raptors may not allow themselves to think of it this way, the coming series against Cleveland is a defining moment for basketball in Toronto.The Raptors could be good in a tedious way for several more years to come, but where’s the juice in that? It’s easy to imagine this team being swamped by the local competition. More than any other league, the NBA is prone to ‘That’s just the way it is’ thinking. They were saved in the end by poor decision making from Milwaukee’s Giannis Antetokounmpo, who opted for an uncontested dunk in a situation where only a three-point basket had value. A few days ago, Toronto Raptors coach Dwane Casey pointed to one of his late-season additions on the practice court and began to muse on him.“Now P.J. At the very end, the Raptors didn’t beat the Bucks. No lead is safe (from themselves). Well, okay, fine. Both are well into their primes.In the middle-term, the top-end personnel is not improving. That trick probably won’t work twice.Nothing about the way they beat the Bucks suggests a change in that core identity.After three previous successive seasons of playoff dithering, that will have to happen now.The accepted line is that the Raptors have no chance against a Cleveland Cavaliers team running at full power. Other top teams lean into the postseason. Orbital bones don’t always heal right.During his six years in Toronto, the will to combat has been Casey’s overarching and as-yet-unachieved theme. To differing degrees, all of them have fight, but none of them are fighters. If the Raptors are ever going to find their inner combatant, this is the moment to do so. “A lot of guys in this league will pretend-fight you, but he will fight you.”Tucker is the size of industrial fridge, has a stare that bends spoons and, most important, has the history.

Blue Jays bullpen springs a leak (again) in loss to Rays

This time it started with Jason Grilli, who allowed a home run to Evan Longoria, the first batter he faced, to tie the game.Dominic Leone fared worse, entering the game with one on. “Mechanics were good, the ball came out easy. In baseball, there can be lots of baggage – and most of it is not good.So you knew it was not a favourable sign upon entering the Toronto Blue Jays’ clubhouse on Friday afternoon, before their game against the Tampa Bay Rays, to see a pile of luggage at Jarrod Saltalamacchia’s locker.Among the paraphernalia were two large duffle bags that Saltalamacchia was cramming his belongings into. So it’s back to hopefully the schedule as planned.”That plan calls for Sanchez to get the start Sunday against Tampa Bay in the finale of the three-game set, his first outing since April 14.Gibbons said there is still no timeline for the return off the disabled list of either Josh Donaldson (calf) or Troy Tulowitzki (hamstring) but both players will relocate to Toronto’s training facility in Dunedin, Fla., over the weekend to continue their rehab. “We weren’t getting much of that.“In all fairness to him, he wasn’t playing steady enough to get it going.”You could also say that collectively of the Blue Jays bullpen, which imploded once again on Friday night, serving up five late runs that allowed the Rays to escape with a 7-4 victory.And with the limited depth of bullpen arms within the organization, Gibbons will just have to try to grin and bear it and hope things do an abrupt 180.“These are our guys, keep running them out there,” Gibbons said after the game. There were two other bags, bearing Blue Jays insignia, which were also being utilized, along with an oversized cardboard box. It’s like any part of the game, you get in some certain spots and you struggle.”Toronto starter Marcus Stroman, who has two complete games under his belt this season, deserved a better fate. Howell, the third Toronto reliever, brought in Tampa Bay’s final run in the ninth.Kevin Pillar continued his torrid hitting for Toronto, going 4-for-4, including two doubles and a home run in the seventh that put Toronto ahead, temporarily, 3-1.To replace Saltalamacchia the Blue Jays selected the contract of Luke Maile, whom Toronto grabbed off waivers in early April from the Rays. He allowed two Tampa Bay runs and five hits and struck out a season-high 10 batters over 7 1/3 innings.He departed in the eighth inning with his team leading 3-2, but once again the porous Toronto bullpen sprung a big leak. No pain around the finger. There was even a box containing a designer pillow, presumably the better to travel with.The Blue Jays’ backup catcher had just received word that his services were no longer required by the listing American League team.It is funny how hitting .040, one single in 25 official at-bats, along with 16 strikeouts, over the first month of the season can have that affect.Saltalamacchia, an off-season free-agent signing to back up Russell Martin, was designated for assignment by the Blue Jays, which likely means his short, sorry tenure with the team is over.“We brought Salty in here, we were looking for some offence,” is the way Toronto manager John Gibbons tried to soft-sell the axing of Saltalamacchia. No pain around any of the nail. He served up a home run by Logan Morrison that moved the Rays in front 5-3 as the howls of protest from frustrated fans began to ring out from the stands.Leone was victimized by another home run, from Derek Norris in the eighth, before a wild pitch by J.P. “They’re all capable, they’re all good. Maile was batting .195 with the Buffalo Bisons, the club’s Triple-A affiliate.And while Saltalamacchia was busy packing up at one end of the clubhouse, Maile was busy unloading his gear from a Bisons’ duffle into his new locker – so new that his name plate had not yet arrived.Maile got the start against his old team but his presence as the backup catcher will not be the answer to what ails Toronto, who entered the weekend series against Tampa with the worst record in the majors.The team is winless in its first seven series of the year, a franchise worst, and the Blue Jays have yet to even win back-to-back games through 22 outings.Besieged by injuries to key personnel, the Blue Jays are starting to see some faint light at the end of the tunnel.Starter Aaron Sanchez, the AL’s earned-run champion from 2016, threw a successful side session on Friday and proclaimed himself fully recovered from his April 17 surgery to remove a troublesome fingernail on his right throwing hand.“Everything was good,” Sanchez said. They each bore the logo of the Detroit Tigers, for whom the well-travelled veteran played for last year.

Tarasenko scores two, Blues beat Predators to even series

… Obviously, I thought we played a decent game but probably didn’t deserve to win that one and obviously didn’t win that one.”Lehtera tied it at 7:39. Louis in 116:09 of the series.“It ended up actually going off a stick and in, but I’m not taking anything away from him (Tarasenko),” Predators goalie Pekka Rinne said. Parayko’s shot came loose in front of the net and Patrik Berglund took a whack at it before Lehtera buried it for his first goal of the post-season.Neal gave the Predators a 1-0 lead at 7:49 of the first period. “We were bound to lose a game. We lost the first game, we couldn’t lose this one.”It was the first lead for St. “I think we need to be more simple.” Vladimir Tarasenko was at the right place at the right time to take advantage of a lucky bounce and help the St. It came after Nashville’s Vernon Fiddler received a 5-minute major and game misconduct penalty for kneeing Parayko, who limped to the locker room but returned in the second period.“That’s a dangerous play,” Blues forward Paul Stastny said. Ellis took the shot from the point and it deflected off Colton Sissons and then Neal before deflecting over Allen and into the net.Tarasenko tied it 1-1 with a power-play goal with 19.4 seconds left in the opening period. St. On the go-ahead goal, Jaden Schwartz led the rush and initially tried to pass it to Joel Edmundson, but the pass was off the mark and Edmundson kicked it right to Tarasenko’s stick.“It’s a great play by Schwartzy and then I probably scream for Eddy to give it to me and he made a good play,” Tarasenko said. “He’s always working hard, he’s shoving pucks in and he’s always making our team better.”Ellis put the Predators ahead 2-1 at 3:07 of the third period as he took advantage of a turnover by Vladimir Sobotka and fired a slap shot past Allen.“I don’t think we expected to win 16 games straight and walk to a Stanley Cup,” Ellis said after Nashville’s first loss of the post-season. I think for such a big guy, I think he’s a fluid mover so when he does get hit in different positions like that he doesn’t stiffen up.”It was the Blues’ lone power-play goal in five chances. Rinne finished with 17 saves.Game 3 is Sunday at Nashville, Tennessee.Tarasenko, who scored 39 goals in the regular season, had scored just once in the Blues’ first five playoff games.“He’s just a big game player and those kinds of guys find ways to make big plays at big times,” Blues coach Mike Yeo said. “He has a great shot for a reason.”Jori Lehtera also scored for the Blues, and Jake Allen stopped 22 shots — including 14 in the third period.Ryan Ellis had a goal and an assist and James Neal also scored for the Predators, who had their franchise-high five-game post-season winning streak snapped. “We’re fortunate that (Parayko) didn’t’ get too banged up. Louis Blues get a big win.Tarasenko scored twice, including the tiebreaking goal with 3:51 left to give the Blues a 3-2 victory over the Nashville Predators on Friday night, tying their Western Conference semifinal series at one game apiece. And he has shown me that he hasn’t done that.”Blues defenceman Colton Parayko said Tarasenko should be measured by more than just goal-scoring.“He’s always doing the little things right,” Parayko said. “It’s a good goal for us. Louis is just 2 for 21 with the man-advantage, last among all post-season teams.“I think we just get too excited to go on the power play and everybody tries to be too nice and tries to make good plays,” Tarasenko said. “My only concern was that if he continued to play well and didn’t get rewarded that his game would drop.

Talbot stellar in goal as Oilers beat Ducks to take 2-0 series lead

After that, they played like a team that expected so much better than this. They put heavy pressure on Edmonton in the third period on Friday night, and in one short stretch had a shot clank off the crossbar and a puck trickle behind Talbot and come within inches of going in before it was swept away.“Moving forward we are going to be a lot better,” McLellan said.At one point in the second period, the home crowd booed the Ducks for the sluggish play. One came from Ryan Kesler came from point-blank range. Talbot had 39 saves. “He was wearing the big boy pants tonight. Mark Letestu had two power-play goals on Wednesday and has three so far in postseason.“I think it is fun to see guys rewarded that have worked so hard all year,” Larsson said. Leon Draisaitl, who had a goal and three assists in Wednesday’s 5-3 victory, was likewise held scoreless. “Cam was tremendous ,” Oilers coach Todd McLellan said. Now they have lost two in a row.The Oilers finished off the Sharks in Game 6 in the first round by beating them in San Jose.Maroon became the fifth different player to have a winning goal in six postseason victories for the Oilers, joining Zack Kassian (2), David Desharnais, Anton Slepyshev and Adam Larsson. Tickets cost $5, with proceeds going to the organisation’s community foundation. They had easily swept Calgary in the first round in four games.Back home in Edmonton, spectators were alternately cheering wildly and holding their breath at a road-game watch party at Rogers Place. Another, from Antoine Vermette, came on a power play from a distance of about a stick-length. Anaheim won the NHL’s Pacific Division for the fifth straight year, and had won eight straight in their home arena before Wednesday’s first game of the series. He had 12 points in six games against the Ducks heading into Friday.On Thursday, Larsson was remarking about how the Oilers were getting goals from somebody other than McDavid or Draisaitl. It gave the Oilers a 2-0 lead. They were 29th in the NHL last season, and are now two wins away from advancing to the semifinals.Crazy things are happening for them.For the Ducks? Well, as fans filed out of their arena, their organist was playing The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow. Once, a blistering shot caromed off Talbot’s helmet and seemed to leave him dazed.McDavid was more active than in any of his previous seven post-season games but was unable to score. He is our go-to guy.”Games 3 and 4 will now be played in Edmonton on Sunday and Wednesday. “It is exciting for our city, and great for our brand.”Talbot kept the Oilers on top by thwarting Anaheim shooters throughout the contest. “You need that depth in scoring if you are going to go a long way in the payoffs.“When guys who don’t score much during the regular season start getting goals, that gives you a little jump,” Maroon said.After four days in Anaheim, the Oilers are heading home, unexpectedly with a 2-0 lead. The big forward deflected a shot by Jordan Eberle past John Gibson with 13:19 left in the second period. The Swedish defenceman, who had four goals in 79 regular-season games and 13 in his entire career, scored twice in Edmonton’s victory on Wednesday. It was the first two-goal game he has ever had.Andrej Sekera, an unsung defenceman whose stellar play has been overshadowed by first-liners Larsson and Oscar Klefbom, put Edmonton ahead only 1:05 into Friday’s game. The Oilers did it again Friday night, winning a third straight-playoff game on the road and taking a commanding 2-0 lead in their second-round Stanley Cup series with Anaheim.Patrick Maroon, who played for the Ducks for five seasons before being acquired by Edmonton on Feb. Three of the remaining contests – if the series goes seven – would be at Rogers Place.Nobody would have expected the Oilers to leave Southern California with two victories at Honda Center. They held on 2-1 thanks to exceptional play from Cam Talbot, an undrafted goalie who played his college hockey way off the beaten track in Huntsville, Ala. Another 3,500 people watched on TVs in the rink’s entrance hall and beer garden.“It was just like the game was being played there,” Bob Nicholson, the chief executive of the Oilers Entertainment Group, said Thursday about the fast ticket sales. The Ducks’ last loss in regulation time had been March 10. 29 of last year, had the winning goal. As fans cheered a hard hit behind the net on Oilers captain Connor McDavid, Sekera blasted a wrist shot past Gibson on the first shot of the game.The Ducks, who have advanced to the second round in three of the last four years, can head the 2,800 kilometres to central Alberta feeling one of two ways: in a heap of trouble or exceedingly unlucky after carrying the play but still managing to lose twice on home ice.They outshot and outhit the Oilers substantially in both games, and were far better at face-offs. To escape elimination, the Ducks will have to win four times against a team that has beaten them in five of seven meetings this season. Yet they still have nothing to show for it. The Oilers sold out 18,500 seats in 30 minutes on Thursday to fans that wanted to watch on the arena’s giant scoreboard screen.