Another Tape Of Offset Cheating On Cardi B Leaked Online

Seems someone is seriously trying to tear them apart. —? Some folks say her Barbs are actively trying to break up the couple. Both Cardi B and Offset have remained silent which is deafening, but their fans are sounding off. Cardi posted on Twitter that she became emotional after the video surfaced. (@Moon_Doggie__) January 5, 2018

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Cardi B Responds To Chris Brown ‘s Attempt To Water Down Her Success

Did Chris Brown Take A Jab At Cardi B After She Made Billboard History Again? Offset iCloud account got hacked last month and the hackers have been slowly leaking contents stolen from the account in a drip drip game. Son #offset doing too much man. cardi b : if he try that sh!t again, you gone lose your wife #offset : * try’s that sh!t again * cardi
— ??? A snippet of an alleged explicit tape allegedly of Offset surfaced on Twitter on Friday sending the social media site into a frenzy. The video shows a man resembling Offset but the clip is blurry so you can’t conclude that it’s him. (@lovelydrealee) January 5, 2018

Me running from insta to Twitter after getting word offset cheating again #Offset #CardiB
— Aiyako? (@Savagemiichaell) January 5, 2018

The faithful black men coalition after we forgave #Offset for being the 1st black man to cheat only for him to cheat again
— X (@NonsoHendrix) January 5, 2018

Another Video Of #Offset Surfaced ?!
— ?D r e a? If you don’t want to be with her again leave and save her the embarrassment jare. On the weekend before Christmas, Cardi B and Offset relationship almost came to an end when a video was leaked online alleged of the Migos rapper and another female inside a hotel room. The clip didn’t show the male face, but the female was fully visible. Cardi B Has Three Songs On Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 Creates History Again

Cardi B Issues Warning To Offset Don’t Go Eric Benet “Take JAY-Z Advice” Seems hackers have leaked another tape of Offset cheating on Cardi B. In the end, they patched things up and looks like they are going strong and are heading for marriage. (@__Nnenna) January 5, 2018

Some folks on Twitter are accusing Nicki Minaj fans of being behind the leaking of the videos. Damn? It might be Chief Keef, Quavo, Takeoff, Weezy or any other rapper with dreads.