Bassnectar’s Throwback Side Project Gets Release Date & Full Tracklist

Coast To Coasters5. Enchanted4. Psyopia7. Bassnectar‘s highly anticipated new side project with Sayr finally has a release date and a tracklist to go with it! Naux Faux EP – Tracklist
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“File under: freestyle melodic electronica from the 1990’s,” the Bassnectar website describes. Anyone thirsty for some old school Nectar vibes will undoubtedly love to hear what these guys have up their sleeves. Birds Of Paradox [Intro]2. The Naux Faux EP is due out February 14, Valentine’s Day, and is is expected to celebrate magical nostalgia of an era from the past. Flip Gnosis3. Cherish Friendship6. “Psyopia” (Bassnectar Remix) released before the Naux Faux original, coming as part of the new EP. Also Read:  Cardi B Responds To Chris Brown ‘s Attempt To Water Down Her Success
The Naux Faux EP is available for pre-order here. Bassnectar first unveiled the side project with a track off his own Reflective Part 2 EP late last year. Birds Of Paradox [Outro]
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