ChemoBlaze – Gone lyrics

Can’t remember myself anymore
Should this be no surprise
What happened to cause this demise
Don’t know what else that there is to do
What the voices in the haze say must be true
Guess I’ll run away like a thousand times before
Since no one will come to the door
Or reach out to implore
It’s time to embrace this tunnel of light
Of the light
Maybe when I wake up I can make it right
Now that I finally can fly
I just want to cry
Now that there’s nothing more,
It’s not as hard as before Think I have been here before
I’m standing here but no one sees
Just want to show them what I can be
Why is this haze still stuck to me? Why did I never try
To learn how to fly? I see everyone in there does no one care anymore? Guess I’ll run and jump back to the big blue sky
I’ve always meant to try
To learn how to fly
Seemed so hard before like there was always something more
Don’t understand where I am
Everyone looks right through me
Was I that invisible before? Seemed so hard before
Like there was always something more
Why won’t anyone answer the door? I hear it but it doesn’t sound quite right
Why can’t I wake from this haze that seems so strong? This tunnel’s cold and long
Think I see the light
Don’t know what is wrong
Don’t have the strength to fight
Is that my favorite song?